Presentation is Key

News at Kings Estates | 15/09/2017

Presentation is Key

Selling your property is competitive, especially if there are similar properties for sale within the area. There are many things that can put your property above the rest and entice viewers through the door and presentation is key! Here’s how to make the most of your property…

Give your property a spruce up before marketing commences
Do a thorough inspection of your property to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the sale process;
•    Check for any plumbing maintenance that a buyer might pick up on – changing/fixing leaking taps, pipework or rusted radiators at a small cost will be beneficial. 
•    Check windows do not have broken seals or have ‘blown’ – a lot of window companies are able to fix blown windows at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.
•    Check your property is not suffering from damp or signs of insects/rodents. 

Paint, freshen up and finish off any maintenance repairs that you’ve been putting off;
•    Finish mundane maintenance tasks such as changing lightbulbs, filling movement cracks and nail holes, replace cracked tiles and discoloured silicone -they all add to good first impressions.
•    Freshen up walls, woodwork and ceilings with a lick of neutral paint. This will make the property look clean and fresh and allow buyers to add their own personality. 
•    Adding a little colour in selected areas, such as a wallpapered feature wall and adding some canvas pictures or mirrors can enlarge the space and help bring a little character to a room. 

Clean & declutter;
•    Go through each room and remove any bits and pieces that don’t belong there – put away laundry and toys, file paperwork and hide anything that clutters up a room and negatively draws the eye.
•    Replace items such as shower curtains and tatty blinds to give a clean fresh look. 
•    Shampooing carpets and treating for stains not only eliminates odors but freshens up and room – most purchasers will want to replace carpets if they think they look worn and dirty. 
•    Other things you don’t get around to cleaning often are ovens and windows – if you don’t have time to do it, hire someone! Money worth spending – trust me! 

Make sure your property has captivating kerb appeal
Having a good ‘kerb appeal’ is very important. Buyers will likely drive around an area before deciding if they want to view a property. To make sure buyers want to see more, making the outside of your property presentable and welcoming is essential!
•    You may overlook small maintenance jobs but these small factors could be the difference between buyers wanting to view or not.
•    Keep your front garden tidy and maintained. Potted plants can add a touch of welcoming colour. 
•    Could your front door, windows, soffits and facias benefit from a clean or a fresh coat of paint? 
•    Try to hide bins away out of view and remove cars from the driveway… especially for the photos! 

Now your property is ready for the photos and marketing, it’s time to get yourself ready for viewings. You could get a call from your estate agent with a viewing request at any time and some viewers, especially in Tunbridge Wells, may want to view your home straight away - perhaps before they head back home following a successful visit to our historical town. So, how can you make sure your property is ready for viewings at any time? Here are some useful tips and tricks…

Create a welcoming entrance
What will people see or feel when they enter through your door? Homely, calming, messy and smelly, cosy, dark – all of these feelings can make or break a viewing;
•    Declutter the entrance – tidying away shoes, coats and bags so that the space clear. (Nothing worse than falling over a shoe!)
•    Add a lamp or two – entrance halls are known to be dark, especially in the older properties. Add a lamp or two to brighten the space. 
•    Eliminate odors - If you have lots of shoes in your hallway or porch, add some diffuser sticks or air freshener, so the entrance smells fresh and clean, (and not of cheesy feet and damp coats!). 

Stage your property for viewings to give it that, show home feel
This is an important part of showing off your home – first impressions are crucial, especially when someone decides whether they like a property within the first 15 seconds!
•    Swap the towels in the bathroom for freshly laundered ones or even better, have new white fluffy towels that you can keep especially for viewings. 
•    Make the beds! An unmade bed creates the wrong impression and although fresh sheets is always appealing, this is not always practical. Top Tip – Put your usual duvet cover and pillow cases over the top of your special ones and whip them off for viewings! 
•    Open a few windows – allow fresh air to circulate through the property.  
•    Light some lamps, (or ask your agent to) – turning on lamps adds a cosiness and style to your home, especially in dark corners. If its evening, turn on the overhead lights too. 

Make sure your home smells as good as it looks! 
It’s never nice to walk into a home and be over powered by lingering smells like damp towels or unemptied bins… 
•    Spray beds, curtains, sofas and carpets with a mixture of water and a few drops of fabric conditioner, for a lovely fresh-laundered smell. 
•    Empty bins and put a tumble dryer sheet in the bottom of them.
•    Flowers makeover any room – always have fresh cut flowers arranged in vases in each room.
•    Top Tip - Put a vanilla pod or a mixture of vanilla essence and water in the oven on a low heat, to fill your home with glorious smells.

Now you are ready for anyone to fall in love with your beautiful home!

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