Matthew Coffill

Lettings Negotiator
Hard times create strong people

Meet Matthew

A dedicated Lettings Negotiator contributing to the success of our team. With a focus on generating and conducting viewings Matthew plays a crucial role in connecting potential tenants with their ideal homes. Beyond these core responsibilities he also actively contributes to various tasks around the office, demonstrating a proactive and collaborative approach.

Matthew is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service. With a commitment to ensuring that every client feels heard and valued, he strives to create personalized and meaningful relationships. Whether it's addressing inquiries, providing information, or offering assistance, he always goes the extra mile to enhance the overall customer experience.

In addition to the professional aspects of the role, Matthew understands the importance of creating a personable atmosphere. By fostering positive interactions and building trust, he contributes to a welcoming and supportive environment, both for colleagues and clients alike.

Ventures Beyond the Desk

Outside of work, Matthew embraces a variety of interests. Matt also likes to explore theme parks for excitement, while also savouring diverse cuisines at restaurants. Seeking both tranquillity and fitness, Matt also enjoys fishing at the local lake and hitting the gym for a well-rounded workout routine. Additionally, he finds entertainment by playing online competitive games, which requires skill and focus. Matt also enjoys watching football in the Premier League and participating in Fantasy PL where he currently sits 3rd out of his friend’s league and top of the family league. These diverse pursuits contribute to the dynamic and vibrant lifestyle Matthew enjoys beyond the professional landscape.

Top Movie Picks

In moments of relaxation, they indulge in a curated list of beloved films. Among their favourites are "The Gentlemen," admired for its stylish narrative, "The Harder They Fall," cherished for its captivating storytelling, and "Django Unchained," appreciated for its compelling and unconventional take on the Western genre.

Among the cherished highlights outside of the professional realm is the unforgettable experience of watching Chelsea clinch the Champions League victory with family. The euphoria of witnessing such a significant sporting achievement together not only created lasting memories but also strengthened the bonds within the family.

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