Whoever is happy will make others happy

Meet Elbie 

Our Socialite Cockapoo and Tom's Right Paw!

In the vibrant tapestry of our team, Elbie is the heartwarming final stroke. An irresistibly charming Cockapoo, Elbie adds a furry touch to our workspace, always by Tom's side and ready to shower friendly greetings on anyone who steps through the door.

Ventures Beyond the Desk

Elbie's enthusiasm isn't confined to the office space; he's a social butterfly, always spreading joy. His love for human interaction goes hand in paw with his linguistic talent – he knows the word for 'Walkies' in over 50 languages. Now that's a multilingual canine ready for any adventure!

Favourite Film:

Marley & Me takes the crown as Elbie's top pick. Perhaps it's the canine camaraderie or the mischievous antics that resonate, but this film undoubtedly captures his furry heart.


The day Elbie officially became "Uncle Elbie" to Tom and Emma's daughter, Florence, unfolded in a series of heartwarming and comical moments. Elbie, the goofy sidekick, transformed into a furry guardian, delighting Florence with his silly antics and becoming the official provider of baby giggles. From offering a squeaky toy as a welcome gift to engaging in 'paw puppet' performances, Uncle Elbie turned Florence's first day at home into a tale of joy and laughter.

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