Life is a canvas, and each tail wag paints a masterpiece of joy

Meet Nala

Our Energetic Apprentice and Golden Doodle Extraordinaire!

Nala, the delightful addition to our team, brings boundless energy and an abundance of puppy love as our cherished apprentice. This Golden Doodle, who happens to be Gemma's furry companion, is always ready to fill the office with wagging tails and furry enthusiasm.

Ventures Beyond the Desk

Nala isn't just confined to the office grind – she's a spirited explorer even during her puppy training days. While most pups are still mastering the art of sitting and staying, Nala is turning the streets into her own playground. She's not just learning; she's on a mission to conquer the outside world, one tail wag at a time.

From practicing commands in the park to making friends at dog-friendly spots, Nala's adventures are a delightful mix of training and play. These outdoor escapades are more than just routine walks; they're opportunities for her to socialize, learn, and showcase her growing set of skills.

So, while other puppies might be chilling at home, Nala is out there, conquering the streets with her boundless puppy enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn that's as infectious as her wagging tail.

Favourite 3 films:

Lady and the Tramp: Because who doesn't love a classic tale of puppy love and spaghetti dinners?
Secret Life of Pets 2: Call me a movie buff, but I'm all about the sequels—there's something about the second movie that just hits the spot!
101 Dalmatians: Spotting all those adorable spots on screen really makes my tail wag!

Against the backdrop of a setting sun, Gemma and Nala create picturesque silhouettes, capturing the magic of shared evenings filled with serenity and companionship

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