Bidborough is conveniently close to the larger town of Royal Tunbridge Wells and has a rich history which has been preserved alongside modern advancements and amenities. Many buildings exhibit traditional architecture, reflecting the village's historical character.

With a small, tight-knit community, Bidborough hosts events and activities that bring residents together, and road networks make the village easy to drive to and from, just minutes away from the larger town of Tonbridge.

Being a small community village, Bidborough Church of England Primary School and Bidborough Village Nursery School are the only educational facilities in the immediate area. Other options can be found in towns close by.

Transport and Travel

Bidborough is served by a few road links, as it is a small and quiet village undisturbed by hustle and bustle. It provides residents with access to nearby towns and cities via car and bus.

Parks and Recreation

Bidborough does not have extensive recreational activities available but it is situated nearby other more populous towns that offer a lot in this regard. Bidborough has a cricket club located at its centre, and residents are often privy to countryside walks through the rich green landscape. In the warmer months, an hour's walk in either direction will take locals to the larger towns of Tonbridge and Royal Tunbridge Wells for more parks and leisure activities.

Shopping and Dining

Bidborough is a short drive to the neighbouring town of Tonbridge, which is great for a range of shopping requirements such as farmers' markets, independent shops, high street retailers, antiques shops, art galleries and more. Bidborough is home to The Kentish Hare restaurant, a local gem with no shortage of positive reviews. Nearby in towns such as Tonbridge and Royal Tunbridge Wells, a wider selection of restaurants, pubs, and shops are available.

Days Out

It takes approximately 5 minutes to drive from Bidborough Village Hall (as a central point for the village) to Tonbridge railway station.

Close by, the car journey to High Brooms station would take about 10 minutes, and for greater connections, the drive to Tunbridge Wells station would take only a few minutes more (about 13).

For those looking for some exercise, the Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre is only a 13-minute bike ride from Bidborough Village Hall, which could serve as a great warm-up and warm-down.

A big attraction to those in Kent is Bluewater Shopping Centre, one of the largest in the UK. From Bidborough, it would take just 30 minutes to drive there and spend the day on a shopping trip, before possibly indulging in a walk through the Mosaic Gallery Tunnel to a large lake with a host of different wildlife. This location is perfect for cycling, sightseeing, or picnics.

In just over an hour, Greatstone beach offers sun, sand and scenic views. This beach is a popular travel destination and is local to nearby restaurants and food places selling fish and chips, pizza, and more.

Local Areas

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