Penshurst is a picturesque village offering scenic walks and views. It is the home of Penshurst Place, a medieval manor house with dazzling gardens which speak to the village's historical significance.

Leigh has a rural character, with thought to have grown from a hamlet as early as the late 11th century, and grew substantially in the 19th century where architecture was built that still remains today. The village is known for its community spirit and often hosts local events and activities. Residents can get around on public transport, including the local train station.

Hildenborough is a commuter-friendly destination with close transport links to nearby towns and villages, boasting a train station and bus routes. This village is less than an hour's walk from the town of Tonbridge.

Hadlow is known for its agricultural college, Hadlow College, along with Hadlow Tower, a Victorian Gothic structure that features as a prominent landmark in the village.

Transport and Travel

All four villages have good travel options, with some featuring their own train stations, such as Leigh and Hildenborough. It is easy to catch a bus or perhaps cycle to the nearby town of Tonbridge for more travel options that will take the public further afield to other parts of Kent and beyond. Being only a few minutes from the A21, main towns are highly accessible from each of these locations.


Penshurst Place is an historic building crafted in the 14th century that offers activities and events for everyone, such as craft shows, family garden trails, and even wedding shows. Explore the gardens and grounds with notes from the Head Gardener, and enjoy the walking and cycle trails of the scenic park, wood, and farmland at over 2,500 acres.

Food and Drink

These villages are home to local eateries such as tea rooms, pubs, cafés, and restaurants with their own charm. For example:

Penshurst - Fir Tree House Tea Rooms

Leigh - Fleur De Lis Gastropub

Hildenborough - The Half Moon Pub

Hadlow - Hadlow Kebab and Fish Bar

Each of these places come highly reviewed and enjoyed by locals. Of course, there is always the option of taking a short trip into the nearest town for more options.

Days Out

It takes approximately 10 minutes to drive from each village to Tonbridge's train station, and up to half an hour by bus. These four villages curve around the north of Tonbridge to form a sort of crown, making them all relatively equidistant from the town.

One of the big attractions to those in Kent is Bluewater Shopping Centre, one of the largest in the UK. From the villages of Penshurst, Leigh, Hildenborough, and Hadlow, driving there would take about 30 minutes as they are all closely grouped. This is a particular draw for locals of small villages who want to spend the day on a shopping trip, before possibly indulging in a walk through the Mosaic Gallery Tunnel to a large lake with a host of different wildlife. This location is perfect for cycling, sightseeing, or picnics.

Driving just over an hour south from each village could lead to a day at Camber Sands, an idyllic beach front 2 miles long with rolling sand dunes, ample parking, and watersports. Visitors have often praised the picturesque nature of Camber Sands beach, and accessibility to the connecting village of Camber, where visitors can explore and grab a bite to eat.

Or, closer to home, National Trust's Scotney Castle showcases old ruins and a Victorian mansion surrounded by woodland and parks, with trails for countryside walks and a nearby hop farm. This beautiful location is a perfect escape in all seasons, taking around half an hour from each village to drive there.

Local Areas

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