Groombridge is a charming village a mere 5 miles from the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells. It is known for its picturesque setting, historic features, and outdoor attractions. Groombridge has retained much of its historic charm, with well-preserved buildings and a traditional village atmosphere. The architecture reflects the village's long history, and many surrounding properties showcase the character of the region.

Groombridge has a community-focused environment, with local events and activities bringing residents together. The village's size allows for a strong sense of community, and the residents often participate in various social and cultural initiatives.

Travel and Transport

There is a bus from Groombridge into the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells that departs once every hour. Locals are known to either take this bus for wider connections in the town; alternatively using cars will take significantly less time (around 13 minutes into the town centre).

Leisure Activities

One of the prominent features of Groombridge is Groombridge Place, a historic manor house with beautiful gardens and grounds. The estate has a moat, a 17th-century canal, and a unique 17th-century double-moated manor house. Groombridge Place is open to the public and offers a glimpse into the area's rich heritage.

Groombridge Place is also home to the Enchanted Forest, a popular attraction for families. The forest features treehouses, boardwalks, and various play areas, creating a magical and immersive experience for visitors.


Groombridge is home to Groombridge Pre-school and Groombridge St Thomas Church of England school, both rated highly as early-year educational facilities. There is also a variety of options in neighbouring towns.

Food and Drink

A few pubs populate Groombridge, such as The Crown Inn and The Junction Inn, both highly rated for their dining experiences. It also boasts revered farm shops and a village bakery. Further afield and close-by lies the towns of Langton Green, Rusthall, and Royal Tunbridge Wells with more options for dining experiences and supermarkets.

Days Out

It takes approximately 15 minutes to drive from Groombridge train station (as a central point for the village) to Tunbridge Wells' shopping centre, Royal Victoria Place. Alternatively, there is a bus that goes from Groombridge every hour that makes the journey in 30 minutes.

A big attraction to those in Kent is Bluewater Shopping Centre, one of the largest in the UK. From Groombridge, driving there would take about 40 minutes. This is a particular draw for locals of small villages like Groombridge who want to spend the day on a shopping trip, before possibly indulging in a walk through the Mosaic Gallery Tunnel to a large lake with a host of different wildlife. This location is perfect for cycling, sightseeing, or picnics.

An hour's drive south could lead to a day at Camber Sands, an idyllic beach front 2 miles long with rolling sand dunes, ample parking, and watersports. Visitors have often praised the picturesque nature of Camber Sands beach, and accessibility to the connecting village of Camber, where visitors can explore and grab a bite to eat.

Local Areas

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