Located at the edge of Ashdown Forest (known as the setting for A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories), Crowborough has a history dating back to the Victorian era when it developed as a residential area. Originally a small coaching town, it experienced growth with the arrival of the railway in the 19th century.

The town centre features a mix of shops, restaurants, and services catering to the needs of the local community, along with good transport links and recreational facilities, perfect for families who want immediate opportunities and events in their area throughout the year.

Transport and Travel

Crowborough has good transport links, including a railway station connecting it to London and other nearby towns. The A26 road passes through the town, providing road connectivity to other parts of East Sussex and Kent via bus and taxi services. 

Parks and Recreation

Crowborough has no shortage of parks, playing host to Walshes Park and Crowborough Country Park. On the outskirts of the town, the Bull Track bike park offers recreation opportunities, along with the Crowborough Beacon Golf Club.

Crowborough also offers camping grounds, leisure centres, and community events and festivals throughout the year. Recreational facilities such as parks, sports clubs, and community centres.


The town of Crowborough is home to various educational facilities, including top-rated primary schools like Sir Henry Fermor, Ashdown, and Grove Park School. There is also no shortage of well-reviewed nursery schools and sixth forms.

Food and Drink

Crowborough offers an array of choices for food and drink that cater to various tastes and preferences. The town features a mix of traditional pubs and contemporary restaurants, each serving a variety of cuisines. Additionally, there are numerous charming cafés and tea rooms, perfect for indulging in a cup of coffee, enjoying a light lunch, or partaking in a delightful afternoon tea.

The town also provides a selection of takeaway options, ranging from classic fish and chips to pizza, Indian, Chinese, and other diverse cuisines.

For those interested in fresh, local produce, Crowborough offers opportunities to explore farmers' markets, super stores and local shops.


Crowborough provides a varied shopping experience with a mix of stores, from independent outlets to big name retailers which offer a range of goods and services. Boutique stores also add to the town's unique character, with smaller shops sometimes offering a curated selection of products, including clothing, homeware, gifts, and artisanal items.

Local markets are hosted regularly; traders and producers set up stalls offering fresh produce, handmade crafts, and other items. These markets provide an opportunity for residents to support local businesses and discover unique products.

Days Out

It takes approximately 13 minutes to drive from Crowborough War Memorial Hospital (as a central point for the village) to Tunbridge Wells railway station.

A big attraction to those in Kent is Bluewater Shopping Centre, one of the largest in the UK. From Crowborough, it would take just 50 minutes to drive there and spend the day on a shopping trip, before possibly indulging in a walk through the Mosaic Gallery Tunnel to a large lake with a host of different wildlife. This location is perfect for cycling, sightseeing, or picnics.

In an hour and a half, a drive to Folkestone will take you to Sunny Sands beach, a popular, beautiful location for the summer and close to the town centre.

Local Areas

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