Top Tips For Decorating Your Home During The Lockdown To Help You Sell In 2020

News at Kings Estates | 31/03/2020

Top Tips For Decorating Your Home During The Lockdown To Help You Sell In 2020

If you are planning on moving home in 2020, then redecorating could go a long way towards ensuring that your home is as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. There are a lot of home improvements that can help to increase the value of your property, but redecorating is one of the most high-impact improvements, and one that will offer the most financial return on investment.

What Do Buyers Want?

The main thing that buyers are looking for is a home that they could imagine themselves living in. This means a property that is clean, tidy, de-cluttered and fairly neutral in its appearance. This is why we advise our sellers to ‘stage’ homes when they are looking for buyers.  A polished, clean kitchen and bathroom, a freshly painted bedrooms, and a spacious, bright and airy living room will draw buyers in and allow them to fill out the home with their own imagination.

Things to Avoid

As sad as it may seem to you, the person who lives in the property right now, prospective buyers aren’t interested in the character that you bring to the home. Rather, they want a blank slate to add their own flair to. This means that you should avoid bold patterns or unusual colours – choose a neutral colour when you are selling the home.   Take down that massive portrait of your great, great grandmother, and put that special religious sculpture into storage. Give them a blank slate and let them fill in their own ideas for the way the house could/should look.

Quick, High Impact Fixes

If you have the time, motivation and resources to completely redecorate, then it is worth sprucing up every room. However, if you are on a tight budget or a short timescale then that may not be possible. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most important fixes that will offer the best returns for you:

•    Maximise kerb appeal – mow the lawn, pressure wash your path, and repaint your doors/window frames.
•    Kitchen – the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. Declutter, clean and resurface counter tops, and replace or polish drawer handles and doorknobs.
•    Bathroom – make sure that the bathroom is sparkling clean and clutter free. If you can only repaint one room, choose either the bathroom or the kitchen.
•    Curtains/window dressings – make sure that each room is light, bright and airy. Choose simple, season-appropriate curtains or blinds. If you have imposing, heavy or bold curtains right now, swap them for something simpler.
•    Put away throws, minimise the number of cushions and other accessories in each room. Put ornaments into storage. Aim to make your bedroom/living room look as spacious and clutter free as possible.

You don’t have to spend a lot on redecorating. Rather than thinking about completely changing how the property looks, focus on fixing problems. Oil squeaky doors, repair loose handles, replace that light bulb, and fix dripping taps. A clean, tidy and fresh property is a property that will appeal to buyer and will help you get moved in 2020.

If you have recently had tenants move out or if you just have an empty property, we have some great ideas and can help virtually stage your property.

We are seeing a good number of buyers actively looking online and buyers are stil continuing to register with us, so if you are thinking of selling in 2020, please get in touch
Stay safe.

The Kings Estates Sale Team