Tom's Top 10 Reasons To Move Home In January 2021

News at Kings Estates | 10/12/2020

Tom's Top 10 Reasons To Move Home In January 2021

Whether you’re looking to get on the property ladder, move home, buy another property or add to your portfolio, now is a good time to start thinking about making the move. Here are Tom's Top 10 reasons why January 2021 could be a perfect time.

1.    The start of the year is a time when most people are back at work after the Christmas break and buyers will start to browse the web for inspiration on their next big move.

2.    Buyers who struggled to secure somewhere to buy before Christmas will be more motivated to buy as soon as possible.

3.    Buyers have less choice as there is less competition earlier on in the year.  Get in early and beat the Spring rush!

4.    There are more buyers searching for properties on the online portals post the Christmas break.

5.    A new estate agent will give your property a fresh approach and a brand-new marketing plan.

6.    A new estate agent will have greater enthusiasm and will be more motivated to sell your property as it is a new property that they can speak to their buyers about.

7.    A new estate agent will give you a new listing online, putting your advert at the top of the page on the property portals, so your property is the first property buyers see.

8.    A new estate agent may be able to advertise your property in new places and reach new buyers.

9.    A new estate agent will be able to provide you with new photographs and a new snappy, engaging description, which will increase the chances of achieving viewings.

10.    A new estate agent will be able to produce a new sales brochure for your property so that when buyers walk away, they will be more likely to remember your property and more likely to buy it!

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