Tom’s (& Elbie’s) Top 10 Tips For Presenting Your Property With Pets!

News at Kings Estates | 01/02/2019

Tom’s (& Elbie’s) Top 10...........

Tips For Presenting Your Property With Pets! 

1.     HIDE CAT LITTER TRAYS – They don’t look great and they also smell which is very off putting for viewers.

2.     PUT FOOD & WATER BOWLS AWAY – Wet pet food smells! And an assortment of brightly coloured bowls on the floor doesn’t go well with your newly painted walls. Put them away!

3.     USE FLOWERS, CANDLES AND AIR FRESHNERS TO DISGUISE PET SMELLS – Buyer always comment on smells.  If you want to be very crafty, make some coffee and cook some fresh bread in the oven!

4.     TIDY THEIR TOYS AWAY – If you are anything like me, your pets will have as many toys as your children (if not more!). Put them in a black bag in the loft for now.

5.     HOOVER AND SWEEP THE FLOORS – Make sure you give your floors a good clean.

6.     MAKE SURE BEDS AND CURTAINS ARE FREE OF PET FUR – Pet fur will get everywhere NO matter how hard you try to stop it. Don’t forget to check the back of curtains and the spare bed in the guest bedroom

7.     MOVE PET BEDS OUT OF SIGHT – Their beds are probably larger and more comfortable than your own and take up a lot of floor space. Pack it away in the cupboard for now.

8.     PICK UP YOUR PETS POO FROM THE GARDEN – For some buyers, the garden is as important as the house itself.  Don’t let them get distracted by dodging the dog poop.

9.     FINISH ANY LAST-MINUTE TOUCH UPS – If your dog or cat has scratched a door frame or pulled up the corner of a carpet, now is the time to sort this out.  Remember it is all about first impressions!

10.  TAKE YOUR PETS OUT – Finally as cute as your pets maybe, pets can be very distracting on viewings.  You want the viewer to leave remembering your property not just your pets name.

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