Something to do this weekend!

News at Kings Estates | 02/04/2020

Why not use the gift of time this weekend during lockdown to get those jobs done you have been putting off!


None of us expected this pandemic to affect us so deeply, and our response to it is a test of character, resilience and community spirit.

Most people’s moving plans have been put on hold. Uncertainty and restriction of movement combine to make a house move all but impossible under the circumstances. But this time will pass.

So why not use the gift of time this weekend during lockdown to prepare your property for when the time comes to sell.
  • Clear out your cellar, garage or garden shed. This can be hugely cathartic you’ll feel good, increase the feeling of space and your neat new area will impress buyers when the time comes to sell.
  • Look after your neighbours. Keep an eye on the vulnerable with offers to help where this can be safely delivered. It’s always good for the person moving in to your property to know that the previous owner was well liked.
  • Take this time to perfect your garden. Now is a great time to eg seed a new lawn that takes a bit of time to mature before people come to view.
  • Maintenance such as jetwashing your patio or painting your property can only improve your chances of a saledown the line.

As soon as restrictions ease there is likely to be a surge of withdrawn properties coming back onto the market, along with some new ones too. This will be your competition, so take advantage of thistime and make sure, when the time comes, it’s your property that stands out! 

May you and your loved ones remain safe and well and enjoy your weekend.