Rightmove Stats: 2019 Sellers need to 'Beat the Post-Christmas Rush

News at Kings Estates | 07/12/2018

Get ready for the spike in traffic during the festive period with a digital marketing campaign

Many people think that trying to sell their property over the festive period is a mistake, but that is no longer the case and has been this way for a number of years now. If you stop and think about it, it makes sense, people have more free time and motivation to make a change in the New Year, so it can be a great time to buy and sell.

Nowadays, a great number of people will search for property during the Christmas break, so you could be missing out on this spike in property searches if you hold back and wait until January to bring your home to market.

Source: Rightmove Google Analytics – Pages viewed by day between 01/11/2017 to 31/01/2018

What's more, new phones, tablets and other electronic devices are popular presents in this day and age. And people need no second invitation to try out their new gifts. Once again, property searches are a very popular way of testing out the new iPad or smartphone.  You want to take advantage of all this extra interest that the festive period provides. 

If your property is there, ready to be viewed, with attractive pictures and a snappy, engaging description, the chances of achieving viewings early in January are that much higher. This is where we can help!

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to get in there early.  Keen to find out more?  Feel free to give us a call on  01892 533367 or email: team@kings-estates.co.uk