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News at Kings Estates | 01/04/2020


How do I increase my chances of selling?

Virtual Staging is about presenting a property in the most appealing way to potential buyers. Many consider virtual staging is deceiving to the buyer, but in fact you are just showing how the property can look with different furniture. It is no different from traditional staging, in which furniture is rented with the purpose of making the property attractive. It is a lot easier than traditional staging.

Just like traditional styling, applying digital furniture is about gaining buyer attention and making them want to view your property.  First impressions are essential for attracting potential buyers, especially when buyers are flicking through online adverts or looking at our brochures. We want to motivate people to come and view your property.

The benefits of Virtual Staging

  • Demonstrate the potential of vacant properties - showing a house with furniture will heighten its appeal to buyers.
  • A great addition to marketing material – we use staged images online and in our brochures.  
  • It provides buyers inspiration to see what they can do with the property.
  • It helps to attract potential buyers which will help to sell your property faster.
  • It helps potential buyers to visualise themselves in your home.
  • It will make your property more appealing.
  • It helps gets buyers through your door, so that we can do the rest!

What happens when buyers view my property?

When a home has been Virtually Staged, buyers get the best of both worlds. They get the benefit of seeing the potential of a home that has been Virtually Staged, as well as empty, so there is nothing distracting them from viewing the complete property.  Virtual Staging is no different to an agent using photos of the home when occupied, as the new owner won’t be getting the home with furniture in it.  

It is not just for well-dressed homes at the high end of the market. We can help you if you’re selling a Small Flat, a Modern Townhouse, a Victorian Villa or a Country Home.

If you’re looking to make your property advert more appealing or you are thinking of selling, please get in contact with us.

The Kings Estates Sales Team