Types of Landlords

Thankfully the stereotypes that used to surround lettings are now largely a thing of the past. The days of grouchy landlords renting out damp flats to students are (hopefully) a distant memory. Today there are many types of landlord, offering a variety of properties. Our clients range from portfolio investors with many properties to married couples that have moved on to a family home, while choosing to rent their original property (typically a flat) as an investment.

Kings Royal Tunbridge Wells handle property for many types of landlord. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the diverse nature of our clients.

Portfolio landlords

The strength of the Kings name attracts hundreds of quality tenants looking to rent, so you can be assured that your properties will not be left empty costing you money. We currently manage portfolios for a large number of investment landlords, many of whom are retained clients that have used our services for many years.

Buy-to-let landlords

It is well documented that property is one of the safest investments you can make. Many of our clients are currently benefiting from receiving an average yield of 6% per annum. With interest rates offered by the banks being so low, letting a property really is an investment worth considering.

To make life easier, many of our clients allow Kings to manage their property and simply look forward to their monthly return. For many clients this has become their pension.

We can show you a comprehensive selection of investment properties. Plus we can help with your financing arrangements and securing your first buy-to-let property.

Let-to-buy landlords

We have a growing number of landlords that have let their existing property in order to facilitate a move to a new home they have bought, or in readiness to make a confident offer on a dream home. If you are finding it difficult to sell your current property ‘let-to-buy’ could be a viable option.

Short-term landlords

Some clients only want to let their property to tenants for a short period of time. For example, if they have accepted a 6-12 month employment contract abroad and want to return to their property at a later date.

Not all tenancies have to be long term. For many reasons there is a constant stream of tenants who only want a short contract. It could be that they want to research the area before purchasing a property or they have to move out of their home to make way for building works. Speak to one of our team about the short term and flexible tenancy agreements.

Inheritance landlords

We are seeing a number of people coming to us for rental advice after inheriting a property in a will. They ask us to find tenants for them rather than sell the property. With our full management service they find being a landlord is a positive experience and continue to rent the property. Again this is an excellent addition to your pension, particularly if you factor in the future long term capital growth.